Thomas Deans Fine Art, From The Soul To The Heart

thomas deanThomas Dean’s Fine Art Gallery will be showcasing new paintings by Jason Craighead September 13th – October 12th. The opening reception will take place September 13th from 6:00-8:00 pm.

From The Soul To The Heart, Jason Craighead’s aptly named collection, displays his powerfully expressive work, which combines elements of drawing, painting, collage, graffiti, and process art.

Jason resides in Raleigh, North Carolina and has long been considered a leader in the NC art scene.  It has been said, “If you have never seen [Jason’s] paintings before, they have the definite vibe of abstract expressionism, and they conjure up ghosts of everyone from Motherwell to Franz Kline to Cy Twombly.” 

Since 2001 Thomas Dean’s Fine Art Gallery has been located on Miami Circle, one of Atlanta’s premier art and design districts, and has continually expanded its inventory and exhibitions to include everything from modern to contemporary,in a variety of mediums, from well-known artists to up-and-comers. Be sure to see Jason Craighead’s exhibit while it is in town.

For more information about the exhibit and the opening reception, visit their website at