2011 Peachtree Road Race Lottery Registration is Now Open!!

Today, March 15, 2011, starts the new 10 day lottery registration process for the Peachtree Road Race. You have from now until 11:59 pm on March 24, to register for the 2011 lottery. Registering does not grant you entrance into the world’s largest 10k. Instead, it enters your name into a lottery where you could be randomly selected as one of the 60,000 runners in the July 4, 2011 race. Everyone is given an equal opportunity to be picked without priority given to the day you register. However,there is priority given to those who have competed in 10 or more Peachtree Road Races. By Tuesday, March 29, you will receive an email stating whether or not you were selected.

For those who want to run with family or friends, the Peachtree Road Race lottery process has an option to create a “group”. A “group” permits up to 10 runners to register. In the lottery selection process, if a “group” is selected, everyone in the group will be given an entry into the race.

Ready to register? Go to www.ajc.com/peachtree and click “Register Now”. The fee for entry is $33 per participant and another $7.50 if you would like to receive your number by mail. If you opt to pick up your number, you can do so by going to the race expo downtown Atlanta, July 2-3. Please note, your credit will not be charged until you are selected in the lottery.