You always had things prepared and ready to go

“Now that the pictures are properly leveled and the house warming party is planned, we wanted to let you know how much we sincerely appreciated your effort, persistence, and professionalism in selling our townhouse. From the beginning, your preparation was evident from the market analysis and presentation you provided for us on how you would effectively market our home to sell, and all completed in less than a few hours after contacting you!

During a slow down in the market and a saturation of town homes in the area, you continued to demonstrate effective marketing and selling techniques through the online feedback tool and relentless follow up with potential buyers. After an offer was accepted (and within 98% of our asking price), and realizing we would soon be homeless with a quick closing, we turned into your clients as buyers! On the buyers side, you again demonstrated your true professionalism understanding our needs and requirements for a new home, and ensured we did not waste time by viewing homes that did not match.

After a late Friday night in your office writing up an offer on a home we found, followed by an email first thing Saturday morning let us know you had placed the offer and spoken to the listing agent. And when counter offers were made and as we were packing, you made several trips to our home to get signatures and final approval for the purchase of our new home – and we could be at ease knowing you were working behind the scenes. The inspection, in which you made a friend of yours available that does top notch home inspections in houston tx, the financing, the termite bonds and the list could go on….you always had things prepared and ready to go. I also could not believe how smoothly the closing went on the purchase of our home because of your attention to detail and analytical skills.

Again, thank you Becky for your dedication to us in both selling of our home and the purchase of a new home. Many people mention they have ‘realtor friend who is really good’; however, we can sincerely and honestly make the statement with the exception of changing ‘really good’ to ‘unbelievable’.”

-David & Malia