Finally! Help with Atlanta Property Tax Appeals

Campbell & Brannon, LLC, a successful Atlanta real estate closing firm, has a service for Atlanta home owners, Campbell & Brannon Tax Services, LLC. This division of Campbell & Brannon will handle the property tax appeal from start to finish including consultation, gathering appeal data, filing the appeal, appearing before the Board of Equalization, Arbitration Panel and/or Supreme Court. Campbell & Brannon Tax Services can assist homeowners in DeKalb County, Fulton County, Cobb County, City of Atlanta, City of Decatur as well as other cities and counties in the Metro Atlanta area.

Who can appeal?

Any property owner may appeal the value of their property so that the fair market value will more accurately reflect what the property is worth in today’s market.

Any property owner may also appeal the value on the basis that it is not uniform with other properties in the neighborhood, even if the value is consistent with fair market value. For example, comparable homes in the same tax district have sold for less within the last six months to a year.

What are the deadlines to appeal?

Property owners must appeal their valuation by April 1 of each year, or within 45 days of receiving a Notice of Assessment from the Tax Assessor. The earlier you file, the earlier you can start saving on your taxes.

What is the cost?

Substantive Appeal – $500 plus 25% of first year’s tax savings when the appeal is successful.

Administrative Appeal – $250 if property owner purchased the property in prior year and wishes to only lower the taxable value to the price paid at closing. This option works well for buyers of distressed homes while the Substantive Appeal works best for owners who did not purchase the property as a distressed sale but the property value is affected by falling home values in their area.

Experience Counts

Campbell & Brannon Tax Services has successfully represented thousands of property owners in appeals of their tax values. Their team includes residential and commercial property valuation professionals and attorneys with over 360 years of combined experience serving property owners in the Atlanta area.

Added Benefits

If the property tax appeal is successful, the value obtained is frozen for three years, providing tax savings for all three years.

For more information, call Campbell & Brannon Tax Services at 404-504-8700.