Keeping it Real Estate: At Home with Melissa Morris Fuller

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Melissa Morris Fuller is a Peachtree Hills resident, University of Georgia graduate, and Atlanta native. Since launching her real estate career in 2017, Melissa and the Morris Raney Team have maintained a top 5% team city-wide spot three years in a row and #1 team company-wide at Beacham in 2018 and 2019. Melissa’s previous career equipped her with account management and marketing skills that seamlessly translate into the real estate industry.

Growing up in Brookhaven, Melissa attended both St. Martin’s and St. Pius X before heading to the University of Georgia in Athens to study Advertising. After working in the corporate fashion industry, Melissa began exploring alternative career options that would offer her more freedom than a regular 9-5 job. After a long dinner with her mother, top Atlanta agent Becky Morris, at their favorite Brookhaven restaurant Haven — Melissa signed up for a real estate course that same night. She spent her first year learning the ins-and-outs, finding her rhythm, and creating strong relationships with her clients who quickly become her friends.

Melissa currently serves on the Executive Board of the Shepherd Center Junior Committee, leading a group of young professionals in Atlanta dedicated to raising money for the Shepherd Center’s Recreation Therapy program. This organization supports the 100% donor-funded program at the  Shepherd Center; a nationally ranked, non-profit patient rehabilitation center specializing in medical treatment, research and rehabilitation for neurological injuries. When Melissa isn’t attending closings and spending time with her clients, you can find her at Taqueria del Sol with her husband Will, or walking around Peachtree Hills photographing the neighborhood dogs for her  @PeachtreeHillsPups Instagram account.

Since joining Beacham and Company, Melissa has continued to master her skills within the industry, all while working closely with her mother Becky Morris and brother Dixon Raney on the Morris Raney Team. Priding herself on her extreme attentiveness and ability to understand the needs of each client she works with, Melissa continues to ensure every transaction with her clients is enjoyable.

Why do you Broker with Beacham? 
“I love that Beacham is a family company. Our team has a similar dynamic as Glennis, Blayne, and Ben, and Beacham is a true family that genuinely wants to see all of their agents succeed. I’m proud to be with a brokerage with such a high reputation of integrity, and our company’s generosity through Beacham Gives Back. Beacham values and supports all of us individually, whether it’s a charity we’re involved with or a custom marketing piece. We really do have the best agents, staff, and leadership in Atlanta! We all know and love each other personally and professionally, which I think is truly special.”

Describe your work ethic, and how it translates into your real estate career?
“I love what I do, and the people and clients I work with make it extremely easy to work hard. This career is so rewarding, there aren’t many jobs where you’re able to make an impact on someone’s life and home, it’s an unbeatable feeling! You do have to remember it’s not about you – it’s all about your client. Not every transaction goes perfectly, but my clients trust me and know I have their back. I would do anything for them!”

You started off in a different industry, how exactly did you transition into this real estate after that?
“I worked in fashion marketing after college. It was a company that I interned for my entire senior year at UGA, and I was running their social media, marketing, PR, and e-commerce. I loved my job, but I felt limited working a 9-5 desk job. I started exploring alternative options for my next career and that was when I considered real estate. My mom and I talked over dinner one night at our favorite restaurant, Haven, and I signed up for the real estate course that night. It was a terrifying decision, but definitely the right one! I actively manage our team’s social media and marketing – it’s a fun creative outlet that I’m glad I still get to utilize!”
How did your first year in the business go?
“The first year is always tough! There is so much to learn and everyone works differently, so it definitely takes some time to find your rhythm. I was fortunate that I had the best to watch and learn from – I picked up different methods from everyone on our team to figure out my own working style. I can’t imagine entering the business without their support!”

What adjustments did you make when entering this industry, whether personal or professional? 
“Since I work with my family, we have to turn off talking about work sometimes. It’s fun to swap stories about deals…but we try to spare the rest of our family from the details. Real estate requires working nights and weekends – it’s all about being available for your client, so sometimes that means stepping away for a call or changing plans last minute for a showing.”

What sets you apart from other Atlanta real estate agents? 
“My relationships with my clients! I pride myself on listening and understanding the needs of every person I work with. My clients become my friends during the process, and they know I’m always here for them, even long after closing day. It’s the best feeling to create an enjoyable experience for everyone, and to be a part of creating some of the happiest memories for your clients.”

How has working, and starting your career, alongside your mom benefited you thus far?
“I never thought I would go into real estate, so my mom was equally surprised and excited when I told her I wanted to join her team. She taught me everything, and luckily most of it came naturally to me after years of watching her. I am lucky to have her to give me advice, or talk through any situation if needed. My mom is my best friend; I’m so thankful I am allowed the opportunity to work alongside her. It has given us so much extra time and uncountable memories together. The greatest lesson from my mom has been: Do what you say you’re going to do, and relationships are everything.”

What is one thing people probably don’t know about real estate agents and their career?
“A career in real estate is like running your own small business. There’s not just one way to do it – different things work depending on your personality and work ethic. You attract personalities that like the way you do business, whether it’s through referrals or your marketing strategy.”

If you could tell a new agent just starting out, what would it be?
“I would tell any new agent to find a mentor or join a team! The best way to learn in this industry is through experience – you can avoid a lot of mistakes with the help of someone who knows the ropes. Every transaction is different and can teach you something, but most importantly, be authentic and do what comes naturally to you – you don’t have to wear a blazer or cold call to be successful.”

Why did you choose the Peachtree Hills neighborhood to buy your first house? 
“Peachtree Hills has always been favorite neighborhood in Atlanta! It’s the perfect location to get around the city, and it’s walkable to shops and restaurants. Everyone is friendly and loves to be outside – it’s so easy to meet your neighbors whether from your front yard or walking your dog. I started an Instagram account to feature all the neighborhood dogs (@PeachtreeHillsPups) But in regards to our house, that was a no-brainer when it hit the market because the putting green in the back yard sold my avid golfer husband, Will.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to sell or buy in Peachtree Hills?
“Call me – ha! It is so beneficial to know the neighborhood and have the right connections to network with neighbors and other agents. Our neighborhood’s homes are so unique and charming, and when they’re prepared and priced correctly they fly off the market!”
Any go-to Atlanta restaurants you couldn’t live without? 
“I have always said I could never move away from Atlanta because I can’t live without Taqueria del Sol. The Westside location is my favorite because you should always treat yourself to Jeni’s after!”

What are your top 3 must-do’s on your bucket list?
“Number one right now is to make our wedding in Italy happen! It got postponed this year, so Will and I got married in Serenbe with just our immediate families. Fingers crossed that we will be able to travel again by next summer. I also have Australia and Morocco at the top of my bucket list!”

What is one thing you hope never changes about Atlanta?
“I’ve lived in Atlanta my whole life and my absolute favorite thing is how unique each neighborhood is. I love the mix of new and old, but I hope Atlanta never loses its original charm.”

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