Meet Katie Jones – Buckhead Art & Company

We caught up with Katie Jones, owner of Buckhead Art & Company to learn more about the gallery and plans for their 2021 Holiday Market.

How did you get into the art world, and how did you end up as the owner of Buckhead Art &  Company?

I’ve always had a love for the arts as long as I can remember. I grew up surrounded by incredible art and dance teachers that went the extra mile and constantly kept me inspired. In my senior year at Birmingham-Southern College, I interned for an artist that I greatly look up to. She gave me an opportunity that I will forever be grateful for and I hope to make her proud. My Dad loaned me that he had saved for my wedding one day and I am paying it off over time. I can’t thank him enough for taking a leap of faith and believing in me. 

When did “gallery owner” become a goal of yours?

Owning an art gallery has always been my dream job. I didn’t think I would have the opportunity until later in life. Becoming the owner was a very big decision that brought on many risks at age 23 but I knew it was a decision that I would regret not taking for the rest of my life. I am learning one day at a time. 

What’s driving you at the end of the day? Where/who do you draw inspiration from? Do you have a motto or mantra? 

My artists are what keep driving me. They put their trust in me and that’s something that I hold very close to my heart. They are constantly keeping me inspired and I wouldn’t trade a minute of working with them. I grew up with a quote hanging in our kitchen that said, “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, “I used everything you gave me.” -Erma Bombeck. That quote was important to my Mom, my Grandmother Nunney, and it’s important to me. It keeps me reminded everyday that we can’t forget to give credit to the one who gave us our talents in the first place. 

What is your goal/vision for the gallery? 

 A goal of mine is for every customer to walk out of our doors inspired in some way. All of our artists bring something different to the table and I think that’s what makes Buckhead Art & Company stand out. We have wide range of works that find a way to compliment one another. I know that everyone has different taste and I try to remember that when curating. 

Since becoming a small business owner yourself, do you see the role/importance of small businesses differently now? 

As a business owner, I have to say thank you to the many small businesses that have helped me this past year. Buckhead is all about who you know and the more we all support one another’s businesses, the more successful we will all be. We have rented our space for many office happy hours and client appreciation events this past year. It’s exciting to have people in our space that didn’t expect to leave with a painting. Being located in the Buckhead Village District, I have had the joy of working and collaborating with many of my neighbors. They all have taught me so much and have given great advice when the times have been hard. I am grateful for our community here!

How is Atlanta’s art scene? Any favorite galleries or events? 

The Atlanta art scene is constantly growing. There is always something go on and bringing the art community together. It’s exciting to see familiar faces at exhibits around town. One of my favorite events is Spotlight on Art. It brings artists together from all over and supports the Trinity School! 

Anything exciting planned for 2021? Upcoming shows? 

We are excited about our 2021 Buckhead Art & Co. Holiday Market benefiting Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in the name of Pamela Reid. The market will take place in an empty storefront space at 3039 Peachtree Road across from Le Bilboquet in the Buckhead Village District. For more info on our artists & vendors please follow! We’ve got a strong line up that we can’t wait to announce! 

Visit their website Buckhead Art & Company &  Instagram @buckheadartcompany