Art Spotlight: Katie Madden Fine Art

Meet Katie!

Where do you live?

I am originally from Atlanta (Buckhead area) and graduated from The Lovett School. For the past ten years though, I have been living in Nashville, Tn. It is such a fun city. It feels like everyone knows everyone- which I love!

What is your favorite Room in your home?

My living room. My designer friend, Minnette Jackson, helped me! I love a warm space, so we did lots of creams, neutrals and light blues.

I also love having my art collection displayed (yes, I collect other artists) throughout the room. I love mixing different artists in a space… they are all friends!

My husband and I love entertaining, so our living room is where we all gather to play games, drink cocktails and watch football in the Fall!

What makes you feel at home?

Flowers, candles and a clean house! But seriously! I always go to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods to grab flowers and display them in the main living areas (living room, bedroom and kitchen). I love having a candle burning at night for an hour or so just to set the mood.

And though I have a chair covered in clothes in the bedroom (guilty), my living area, dining area and kitchen are always picked up. I spend 10 mins each evening going around picking things up so that the next morning. It is somewhat “organized” as I drink my coffee. 

Don’t miss her Katie’s next release on February 3rd!

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