Your Guide to Virtual Field Trips for Atlanta Families

The kids may be stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy some of the city’s best experiences! Kick boredom to the curb and keep those little minds – and hands! – busy with our list of Virtual Field Trips for Atlanta Families.

Join ATL Museums at Home as 11 founding organizations provide free virtual experiences to the community, inviting kids to take a field trip each Friday from the comfort of their own home, using #FieldTripFriday! 

With our guide, get all the details to participate in interactive activities, learning experiences, tours, and more. 

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Life blooms on as kids get hands-on at home with a variety of interactive activities! Participate in one of the Garden’s favorite Spring pastimes with Natural Egg Dyeing, Garden Grooves with Miss Heather, Storybook Time with Miss Kathryn, Homemade Lavender Playdoh, and even a hunt for Spring Flowers on walks – right in your own neighborhood.

Each Friday, the Garden is joining ATL museums and cultural attractions for #FieldTripFridays! 

High Museum

Every Friday at noon, join along for a virtual field trip to the High Museum.

Each week, the School and Teacher Services staff invites you to explore the High Museum’s collection through one of the museum’s standards-aligned tour themes. Find the tours that best fit your grade level and interests!

Atlanta History Center

Uncover a collection of learning guides, educational resources, and more right at your fingertips! The Civil Rights Toolkit provides something for all ages through curated content for specific grade levels. Step into history with art activities, storytelling, writing prompts, and other supplemental and interactive activities. 

Zoo Atlanta

Keep your child connected with the natural world while enhancing their learn-at-home experiences! 

Animal Tales
With activities ranging from PreK – 5th Grade, you can make connections and learn with your child! Watch storybook readings and complete hands-on activities while learning about a variety of animals.

The series of videos and activities encourages teachers, students, and parents  alike to explore concepts aligned with the Georgia Standards of Excellence in Science. Topics include: amphibians, reptiles, and more!

Georgia Aquarium

Keep kids’ curiosity piqued while continuing their education with an adventure from afar at Georgia Aquarium! Live streaming events are scheduled daily and weekly with regular animal updates, lesson plans and resources, and a variety of interactive activities to continue learning at home.

Children of all ages will enjoy an interactive and fun learning environment while joining Roger and Chris as they read different aquatic tales all around Georgia Aquarium!

  • Swim with Narwhal as she learns to believe in herself
  • Adventure with Kelp as he uncovers who he really is
  • Reassure Mr. Fish that he’ll enjoy his first day of school
  • And more!

Mindfulness with Georgia Aquarium
Don’t forget to take a moment for yourself as we navigate a new normal! By practicing mindfulness, both you and your kids can become more present and enjoy more time “in the now.”

  • View peaceful Aquarium webcams
  • Download aquatic coloring pages
  • Complete relaxing puzzles
  • And more!

Children’s Museum of Atlanta

From recipes to vocabulary lists, playlists, and everything in between – The Children’s Museum is bringing the educational fun to you at home! 

Music Mondays
Explore pitch while learning the building blocks of music and how each note is different!

STEM Tuesdays
These weekly activities will help your kids get hands-on in their learning! Grab the simple materials each week, pick up some new vocabulary, and understand the “how” and “why” of a variety topics. The most recent activity covered Oil Spills, helping kids understand density using oil and water!

Art & Maker Wednesdays
Create a new craft this Wednesday using materials you have right at home! Celebrating Earth Day, kids can work with an adult to make some self-watering planters from recycled materials.

Literacy Thursdays
Join along in this special storytime! Following each story, be sure to check out the at-home activity to help kids really absorb the lessons from each story.

Health & Wellness Fridays
Why not try a scavenger hunt? Kids can rack up points by discovering each item on the scavenger hunt list while getting outside in the fresh air, exercising both their minds and bodies.

Ask Professor Labcoat
Children’s Museum of Atlanta answers YOUR science questions – Like what are atoms and how do they link together?

Fernbank Museum

Museum at Home with Fernbank! Through exploration and discovery, ignite a passion for learning about science, nature, and human culture with the Museum’s approachable and engaging activities.

Science Adventures
Learn how to make a cloud in a bottle, use the science of air pressure to solve a tricky puzzle, walk through the simplest scientific method to homemade ice cream, explore geology in your own backyard with a sweet and simple snack, and more!

Join Musesum Educator Eliese for “Stripes of All Types” by Susan Stockdale and “Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs” by Byron Barton.

Animal Encounters
Meet the museum residents! Fernbank educator Cara will introduce you to an Eastern Box Turtle, an Australian Bearded Dragon, and a Corn Snake.

Nature Experiences

Dissect flowers to understand their anatomy, create fun snacks while satisfying your curiosity, learn about the diet of owls, go on a nature scavenger hunt, and more!

Virtual Field Trip
Take part in Atlanta’s Field Trip Fridays virtual event on social media starting at 10:00 a.m. each week.

Center for Puppetry Arts

Enjoy puppetry, workshops, and more – all from the comfort of your own home! As the content grows, so do the platforms on which to enjoy it. Free content will continue to be accessible on Facebook, paid content on Zoom, and on-demand content through Vimeo.

Each week, programming includes a variety of puppet shows, workshops, Museum tours, and a daily visit with King Raisin. The schedule changes daily, so be sure to check back to see what’s happening each day!

Now On-Demand
For the very first time, the Center is making its classic titles available on-demand with behind-the-scenes bonus features to rent for only $5! Enjoy a range of titles from Weather Rocks to The Body Detective to Dinosaurs. The science-based stories will make learning fun with puppets!


  • Discovering Puppetry in Other Cultures: An International Puppet Presentation
  • Henson Trivia Night