Q&A with Dixon Raney

Atlanta-born agent, Dixon Raney, lets us in on his career in real estate. Currently living in Inman Park, Dixon’s firsthand knowledge of Atlanta’s in-town neighborhoods combined with his understanding of today’s market makes him the obvious choice.

Before real estate, Dixon attended Auburn University where he earned a degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business. After graduation he was on a mission to travel and experiencing new cultures. Starting in Louisiana and then onto Breckenridge and ending with nine months in New Zealand. Once back in Atlanta, he felt it was time to put down some roots.

Uninspired by the job market, Dixon jumped at an opportunity to shadow his stepmom Becky Morris, one of Atlanta’s top agents. After a successful outing and coincidental connection with Becky’s clients, Dixon was hooked. Dixon soon got his license and started working as a full time agent. Not long after he and Becky partnered up to form Morris Raney Real Estate.


What sets you apart from other agents? I always shoot my clients straight, even if it’s not in my immediate best interest. Many of my past clients still tease me today about the houses I talked them out of buying! I believe honesty and trust is critical for a good working relationship. Once our clients trust and understand that we’re 100% working in their best interest, they’re able to relax more, take the information at hand, and confidently work towards their goal.

What traits do you contribute to your success? Honestly never feeling successful and therefor always needing to improve, but I also attribute a lot to my amazing mentor Becky Morris! I was lucky to get the opportunity to work alongside Becky when I was just starting out. Seeing first-hand how a veteran went about the business was an invaluable experience, and has no doubt been my biggest asset.

Craziest Real Estate Story? The first one that comes to mind is when my client’s car was stolen from the driveway of the house we were viewing! We were out scouting for new construction opportunities in a neighborhood of interest. It was broad daylight and there were people actively working on the exterior of this house. The builder invited inside for a look. We were in the house for no more than a minute, the front door was still cracked open, when we heard the screeching tires of his company car heading for open road. Gone in 60 seconds!

Do you have one sale in particular that was extra memorable? I am working on one right now that’s pretty exciting for a few reasons. It’s a stunning modern house in the heart of Old Fourth Ward and the design elements and finishes are really unique so it’s been a treat to market. Even better it’s only 2 minutes from my house, it’s always fun to work in your own backyard. Lastly, we are scheduled to close this Friday, and it will set the record for highest sales price in the neighborhood!!

What drew you to Atlanta?  I was born and raised in Dunwoody. After going to college at Auburn University I wanted to get out and travel. I proceeded to live in Louisiana, Colorado and finally New Zealand before returning to my home. I will always love to travel, but at the end of the day I like being near my family. I’m blessed to have a large family, most of whom live in Atlanta or nearby.

What neighborhood do you call home? Favorite neighborhood shops and restaurants? I’ve lived in Inman Park for the past 5 years, it also happens to be my favorite neighborhood so it’s worked out pretty well.  The walkability is incredible, aside from work, I can park my car on a Friday and not touch it until Monday morning. It’s got everything I want in a neighborhood: small town vibe, great walkability, infinite number of places to eat and drink, lots of old trees, trails and pocket parks.

Have you traveled anywhere fun recently? Do you have any fun travels on the horizon? My sister and I did an epic road trip through the American Southwest this summer. We spent 10 days hitting all the National Parks, hiking and camping along the way. The National Park system is one of our country’s greatest treasures and I can’t encourage people enough to go visit them. There is a special feeling you get when you’re out there that simply can’t be found at any other resort or manmade destination.  This planet is so big and beautiful and unfortunately, we are very disconnected from it as a culture. Get out there!

Favorite restaurant in Atlanta right now? It’s impossible to choose just one restaurant, but I did recently re-discover The Optimist and can’t wait to go back. I’m of the opinion the atmosphere is as important as the food. Honorable mentions for One Eared Stag, MF Sushi, Kimball House, and Sun in My Belly.  RIP to Miso Izikaya – my old favorite restaurant.

If you weren’t in Real Estate what would be your other dream job? Something creative. Since I was little, I’ve always wanted to start a restaurant, and design the whole space/vibe/food etc. I’d also love to start a drone/video production company which would also check another dream job box of mine, syncing music and movies.

What’s an average weekend for you look like? Hobbies? My two biggest hobbies right now are running and yoga. If I manage to fit one of those in over the weekend, I consider it a win. Big farmers market fan, I try not to miss a weekend when it’s tomato season! Usually have some work to do, and then fill the rest of my time hanging with friends.

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